Marian Farms Food

Marian Farms prides itself in producing the finest Biodynamic® products available on the market. We specialize in fruits, nuts, and premium spirits. Bathed in California sunshine, our vineyards produce rich, crisp, delicious grapes. We also sun-dry the grapes to make our Certified Biodynamic® raisins. The excellent growing conditions give our superior quality almonds unparalleled flavor. Our Navel oranges and Meyer lemons are harvested over the winter months at peak maturity. Marian Farms is also pleased to offer Certified Biodynamic® distilled spirits. Please ask for our Farmhouse Brandy, California Pisco, and Curaçao at fine drinking establishments.

Biodynamic® Almonds

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Marian Farms is the only producer of Demeter Certified Biodynamic® almonds in North America. Our Biodynamic® farming practices and special pasteurizing methods preserve the life forces in the almonds. Pasteurization of almonds is required by law, so we choose to use the Flash Pasteurization Method. This method only allows the steam to touch the almonds for three seconds, thus preserving the energetic life force. Our almonds have a complex and unique flavor profile and have superior shelf life. Our Carmel variety tends to have a bolder almond flavor while the Nonpareil almond is mild and savory and is commonly used in baking. Both are great as snacks on their own.

Almonds are available year round.

Biodynamic® Oranges and Lemons

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The Washington navel is the classic California navel orange. It is the gold standard when it comes to California citrus. It peels easily when fully mature, is bright orange, and has richly flavored and sweet flesh with balanced sugar and acidity. It is seedless and separates into easy-to-eat segments. The Washington navel is a superlative dessert orange and excellent as a snack.

Serving Suggestions for Oranges:
  • For the best nutritional value and taste, juice only enough navel oranges to drink and enjoy right away.
  • Oranges are a healthy and fun food for children. They are great as snacks and in lunch boxes as they pack and travel well. Peel the orange, then gently separate the fruit along the natural divisions.
  • Try this treat: cut navel orange segments into low or nonfat chocolate yogurt. Toss some navel orange sections on your favorite green salad, or enjoy on cereal, pancakes or waffles.

What makes Marian Farms oranges unique? Marian Farms grows oranges using stringent Biodynamic® agricultural practices. Our oranges are grown on heritage heirloom rootstock. The oranges are hand-picked at peak ripeness, when they are at their sweetest, ensuring that the customer will receive a great tasting orange. Marian Farms oranges are also unique in that they are never treated with gibberellic acid, commonly used on both organic and conventional oranges. Gibberellic acid is a plant growth hormone which is sprayed on oranges to stimulate growth and uniformity, but often at the expense of flavor.

Marian Farms also grows heirloom Meyer lemons. The Meyer lemon is a cross between a lemon and an orange or mandarin. It is thinner skinned, sweeter, and less acidic than the traditional Eureka lemon. Meyer lemons are fabulous in desserts, making the best tarts and curds. Marian Farms Meyer lemons are big, juicy, and bursting with flavor.

Citrus is available November-March.

Biodynamic® Raisins

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What makes Marian Farms’ raisins unique? Marian Farms raisins are made from the very grapes that make their Biodynamic table fruit so popular: delicious, juicy Thompson Seedless grapes. Certified organic safflower oil is lightly sprayed on the raisins to prevent clumping, making for easy pouring and scooping. The attention to detail of Biodynamic agricultural practices, careful handling and quality packing, storage and shipment, serve to produce the sweet tasting raisin our customers have come to expect. Marian Farms raisins have the vital life forces that come from our Biodynamic growing practices.

Deliciousness is only a few clicks away… Yours to Enjoy!

Biodynamic® Grapes

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Serving Suggestions:
  • A delectable bunch of grapes makes an unbeatable dessert. For the finest flavor, remove from the refrigerator one hour before serving, rinse with cold water, and snip into portion-size clusters for easy eating.
  • Marian Farms Thompson Seedless grapes will make a mixed fruit salad into a special treat.
  • For a nourishing snack or breakfast, add them to your yogurt, or cold or hot cereal.
  • Looking to cool off during the hot summer months? Try frozen grapes, a fun, refreshing snack! Just pull grapes from stems, place them on a tray, and freeze until hard.
  • Marian Farms’ grapes will compliment any poultry, or mild-flavored fish, especially when cooked with wine. Just before serving, add grapes to the pan and sauté or simmer until the grapes are heated through.
  • Thompson Seedless grapes are also delicious when sliced and then added to chicken salads, pasta, grain salads, or coleslaw.

Thompson Seedless grapes are thin-skinned, sweet and juicy, and can be eaten fresh or dried. English viticulturist William Thompson is thought to have brought the first cuttings of Thompson Seedless to California in the mid-19th century. Generally known as Sultanas, they most probably come from the area around Turkey and Afghanistan. Today thousands of acres of Thompson Seedless Grapes have been planted in California for the production of raisins, wine, and table grapes.

What makes Marian Farms’ grapes unique?
Marian Farms grows grapes using Biodynamic agricultural practices and then hand picks the grapes at peak ripeness. Marian Farms takes care to harvest grapes when they are at their sweetest, and ensures that the customer receives ripe, full, and attractive clusters. The grapes are picked when they are a translucent green-yellow or have a golden-amber color. Marian Farms grapes are also unique in that, unlike both organic and conventionally grown grapes, they are never treated with gibberellic acid (known as “gibbing” in the trade). Gibberellic acid is a commercially produced plant growth hormone which is sprayed on seedless grapes to increase grape size and yield. Marian Farms believes that grapes should be eaten in a naturally delicious state, as they have been for centuries. We also believe that our Biodynamic Thompsons contribute to the rejuvenation of one’s spirit, body and soul.

Pack sizes: Grapes are packed in earth-friendly paper tote bags, each holding approximately 2+ lbs. There are 7 totes to a case – approximately 17 lbs per case. To ensure high quality, all of our grapes are picked to order and immediately shipped out in refrigerated trucks.
Seasonal Availability: August – October