Bulk Case of 25 lbs Thompson Raisin



Marian Farms certified Biodynamic® organic raisins are made from the very grapes that make our table fruit so popular – our delicious, juicy Thompson Seedless grapes. These organic grapes have been grown on our family’s heirloom grape rootstock for generations without chemicals. Our organic raisins are dried in the warm California sun and never contain preservatives. Certified organic safflower oil is lightly sprayed on the raisins to prevent clumping, making for easy pouring and scooping. The care taken throughout our agricultural practices, handling, packing, storage and shipment serve to produce the sweetest tasting raisin available on the market today. Our customers have come to treasure them and always come back for more! They make a great energy-boosting snack or addition to a wide range of healthy recipes. Marian Farms raisins have the vital life forces that come from our Biodynamic growing practices, thus maintaining their flavor well beyond other brands.

Our biodynamic® organic raisins are available year-round.


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