Sacred Cow™ Biodynamic® Compost starts with poop.

Really good organic dairy cow poop!

Benefits of using biodynamic® compost include:

 Vigorous plants and gardens abloom

 Increase organic matter

 More water absorption

 Less water usage (particularly important in this time of drought)

 Less run-off and erosion

How to Use

Roses  Sacred Cow!
Put down a 1/4 inch of Sacred Cow™ around the plant. Work it in gently and water. Roses in the ground like to have compost 2-4 times a year. In pots, put down 1/4 inch of Sacred Cow, when the first blooms are about to appear, or if your plant is looking droopy.
Backyards and Gardens  Sacred Cow!
Put down 1/4 inch in your flower beds, food gardens, etc. and water in.
Lawns and Golf Courses  Sacred Cow!
Apply 1/4” of Sacred Cow every 4 months (under normal conditions) and water in.
Potted Plants  Sacred Cow!
Apply 1/4” on top of the soil, then water in. Use a 4 to 1 mix, 4 parts native or bagged organic potting soil to 1 part Sacred Cow.
Seedlings and Starters  Sacred Cow!
Use 4 parts native or organic potting soil and one part Sacred Cow.
Mature Trees  Sacred Cow!
Unhappy Soil: Apply 1/4 inch around the base of the tree. Gently work in to the existing soil and water in. Repeat once a week for the first month.
Happy Soil: Apply 1/4 inch seasonally. When trees are flowering or fruiting, they really appreciate an extra application of Sacred Cow.
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Inspired by Rudolf Steiner’s
Original Recipe

“The benefits of the biodynamic compost preparations should be made available as quickly as possible to the largest possible areas of the entire earth, for the Earth’s healing.”
~ Rudolf Steiner

What is Biodynamics?®

Biodynamic agriculture is characterized by an awareness of not only the visible material world, but also influences streaming from the greater cosmos. Biodynamic farming considers the farm as a living organism and regards the maintenance and improvement of soil life as key preserving the soil’s fertility. One of the critical components to maintaining proper soil fertility is quality biodynamic compost. Sacred Cow Compost is not only certified biodynamic by the Demeter Association, but certified organic by the California Department of Agriculture. Read more
We’re not just ‘organic’ because we’re carbon based. We’re really organic with organic dairy cow manure and biodynamic preps. We R the Real Deal!™

What makes Sacred Cow Biodynamic® Compost different?

The difference is two-fold: first is the main ingredient and second the use of biodynamic preparations. Most compost products in the market place use a fair amount of green waste or plant based materials for the main ingredient. Typically, green waste is composed of commercial and residential landscape clippings, prunings, shavings, etc. produced in the landscape maintenance business. Other plant based ingredients may (but not limited to) forest products, straw/hay scraps, wood chips, etc. Most (but not all, check with the product producer) of the green waste materials are subject to commercial and residential landscape protocols which include the use of chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, etc. Most of the straw and hay scraps are conventionally produced. Again these products are exposed to chemical fertility and pesticides, herbicides, etc. Many of the commercial composts in the marketplace are 100% green waste or plant based sourced. Read more