What makes Sacred Cow Biodynamic® Compost different?

Sacred Cow Biodynamic Compost uses very little green or plant based materials. These materials are limited to straw/hay scraps and/or wood chips used in bedding the animals during the winter/wet months. Our main ingredient is organic certified dairy cow manure and any straw/hay scraps are also certified organic. These animals are on pasture during most of the year. However, manure is collected when the animals are corralled awaiting milking or are bedded during winter/wet season to prevent damaging pastures. By using dairy cow manure instead of plant based waste, the end compost is more well-rounded and complete. Green waste compost is essentially made by man. Green waste compost requires a fair amount of water to prevent the pile from either drying out too fast or in some cases, catching on fire due to the rapid breakdown process. Green waste first needs to be ground up, water added and turned multiple times to start, aerate and maintain the compost process. All of this requires multiple man-hours. Dairy cow manure requires less man-hours because if made properly, little to no water is added, grinding the product is not necessary and multiple turning of the pile is not necessary. Thus, the man-hour participation is less, resulting in a lower carbon foot print.

In addition to the main ingredient of dairy cow manure, we add in Biodynamic preparations (click here to learn more). These preparations not only influence the natural composting process started by the ‘bugs’ (bacteria, micro-organisms) inherent in the cow’s rumen, but they help regulate the breakdown process and produce a balanced and complete compost. Sacred Cow Compost is not only made using the traditional Steiner indications, but we add in a few other biodynamic herbal concoctions as well to produce a great compost.