Whole Farm Organism

wholeFrom the beginning of the Agriculture Course, Steiner lays out the idea and necessity of creating a farm individuality and treating the farm as an integral organism. The creation of this farm organism is the result of ‘seeing’ the world differently, using the Biodynamic® preparations, and mindfully engaging the rhythms and cosmic forces that are given freely to the Earth. This is not always easy in a world that is driven by short-sighted financial/economic motives and regulatory pressures. Despite the difficulties in running small- and medium-sized farming operations, it is the task of Biodynamic® farmers to strive toward the goal of a completely closed system whereby nothing is imported into the farm and the farm produces all of its own fertility with its own livestock and cropping combinations.

The ‘whole farm organism’ can be best described by understanding the relationship between the four kingdoms of nature: physical, etheric, astral, spiritual. These four kingdoms of nature represent the four foldness of not only the natural world, but man himself. In regard to the whole farm organism, these four kingdoms correspond to nature as follows:

Mineral Soil (physical)

Plant Diversity (etheric)

Livestock Development (astral)

Role of Farmer (spiritual)