Marian Farms prides itself on producing the finest Biodynamic® products.
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Our Farmhouse Spirits motto, “From our soil to your glass,” is the cornerstone of our distilled spirits operation.
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Biodynamic® agriculture is characterized by an awareness of not only the visible, material world but also influences streaming from the invisible world.
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The Demeter Association of America is the certifying agency for Biodynamic® farming operations.
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Marian Farms prides itself on producing the finest Biodynamic® products available on the market.

What Is Biodynamics?

The Biodynamic® method of farming describes not only a form of agriculture but also a philosophy. It strives to articulate the individuality of each farm and to recognize and engage the myriad subtle influences of the cosmos on the soil and plant growth, including rhythms of the day and seasons of the year, as well as the effects of the sun, moon and planets.
Paradigm Shift
Biodynamics Preps
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Our Story

The Biodynamic® practices at Marian Farms are a return to traditional farming methods. We practice soil conservation, crop rotation, and do not use synthetic fertilizers or pesticides on our crops. We make our own compost and Biodynamic® preparations (homeopathic combinations of plant materials and minerals that aid plant growth and health). We grow a range of fruit and vegetables that thrive in the year-round growing season of the Central Valley. Our commitment to Biodynamic® farming involves managing the farm holistically, honoring the farm’s spiritual component, and hard work.