Biodynamic®/Organic Ethyl Alcohol

Marian Farmhouse Spirits were created for discriminating artisans, craftsmen, chemists and purveyors who demand all-natural, clean, pure and chemical-free Biodynamic® and Organic grape ethyl alcohol for their products. Crafting fine spirits is at the core of our mission and our motto: ‘From our soil to your glass’. Our farmhouse distillates embody the true meaning of artisanship: hand-crafted with care – never filtered, never manipulated.

All our grape high-proof alcohol is produced on farm. The grapes are harvested and crushed within twenty-four hours. The crushed grapes are pressed and the juice is immediately pumped into fermenters. Once in the fermenter, we wait for the natural process of fermentation to spontaneously start on its own. We never use added yeasts or protein packs in the fermentation process. All fermentation takes place with natural on-farm, indigenous yeast, staying true to Biodynamic principles. Once the juice has been converted to alcohol, the resultant wine is then pumped to holding tanks and await their first stripping run through a cooper pot still. We run the wine through the still as it becomes available and store the ‘low wines’, or stripping runs, until all the wines have been distilled.

Once the wine making season of the year is complete and all wines have been distilled into ‘low wines’, then the stripping run alcohol is put through the still a second time. The second time through the still, more impurities and off-flavors are removed, with the final spirit presenting itself at an average of 85-90% alcohol, or 170-180 proof. Each year the alcohol results are slightly different depending on the nature of the year. Once the distillation is complete in late winter/early spring, all ethyl (high proof) alcohol is blended together, a sample is taken, sent to a third-party lab, and an analysis is provided.

Unlike many other ethyl alcohol producers, our still is designed for craft spirits: brandy, liqueur, rum, etc., thus we are not able to, nor do we want to, remove all residual flavors from the finished alcohol. We believe that when all residuals are removed to reach the 190-200 proof level, the real character or ‘spirit’ of the spirit is lost. Since our ethyl alcohol achieves 90% purity, our product is not stripped of its essence. That ‘essence’ is what gives Marian Farmhouse Spirits its superior quality, distinguishing it from competitors.

Ethyl Alcohol Uses-Herbal Tinctures, Tonics and Elixirs

Marian Farmhouse ethyl alcohol serves not only as a quality extraction agent; it compliments and enhances herb and flavor profiles and serves as a perfect carrier for the medicinal properties of the final product.

Food and Flavor Extracts

If accentuating delicate flavors of any ingredient is critical to the final product, Marian Farmhouse ethyl alcohol serves an ideal extraction agent, as our spirits will subtly enhance the complexity of any flavor profile.

Flower Essences

Capturing the very life force and/or essence of any flower is the job of the artisan essence maker, but the preservation, flavor profile and carrier of the essence’s life force, is the job of the alcohol. Marian Farmhouse Spirits used for flower essences are crafted for quality and vitality, and include an oak color and flavoring components. This flavoring profile enhances the refined nature of flower essences.

Natural Perfumes

Natural fragrances are much like fine wines and crafted cocktails. The nuances of the senses enhance the enjoyment of the product. Quality Biodynamic/Organic Ethyl Alcohol ‘plays well’ with top quality oils used to make high-end fragrances. Marian Farmhouse Spirits bring out the true character of the plant oils, producing a truly natural fragrance.

Natural Body Care

Just as Biodynamic and Organic certified ingredients are important in quality food products, so too should they be important in body care products. The skin is the largest organ of the human body, and the type and quality of body care products one uses has a direct impact on one’s health. Marian Farmhouse Spirits is a great ingredient in deodorants, children’s insect repellent sprays, mouthwash and many other adult and children’s body care products.

Craft Beverages and Fortification

Looking for craft spirits for fortification of wines, liqueur, bitters or other beverage creations? Look no further. Marian Farmhouse Spirits are hand-crafted and artisan distilled in a small batch cooper pot still. Our still was specifically designed and built by family-owned artisan coppersmiths in Southern Germany. Our copper still and grape-based alcohol would be a quality addition to any craft beverage.

Medicinal Cannabis/CBD Oil Extraction

As the medicinal properties of CBD oil are better understood by the public and additional applications of CBD oils are discovered, the market demand for this medicinal oil will rise. Thus, the need for quality ethyl alcohol for extraction purposes will also increase. Marian Farmhouse Spirit provides a quality ethyl alcohol collaboration with medicinal cannabis products.

Utility/Non-Food Use

In the world where sustainability is a motivating criterion and the desire to protect our environment grows, cleaning agents that maintain healthy standards are increasingly being sought. Marian Farmhouse Utility Grade Ethyl Alcohol is both Biodynamic and Organic certified. Our product is made from residual off-grade raisins and qualify as a food grade consumable. However, the flavor profiles do not meet our standards of quality we set for our beverages. This product is typically used for household and industrial cleaning agents, detergents and other non-food uses.