Our Story

Marian Farms is a Biodynamic® farm and distillery in Fresno, California. We believe in three things: growing great food, crafting fine spirits, and taking care of the earth. Really, we don’t think that the first two are possible without the latter.

Many of our Biodynamic practices are a return to age-old farming methods. We make our own compost and preparations (homeopathic plant materials that stimulate plant growth and health), and we grow a diverse range of fruit and vegetables that thrive in the 12-month-a-year growing season of the Central Valley. Our commitment to Biodynamic farming involves a spiritual component and some serious elbow grease. We also use biodynamically inspired Festival sprays to honor the earth that supports us.

We make our Biodynamic and organic spirits in small batches using traditional copper-pot distillation. Many of our products are now available for purchase in our online store, along with raisins and citrus (when in season).

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The People

Gena Nonini is the third generation of her family to farm and steward the Marian Farms property. Her grandfather came to Fresno in 1900 from the Northern Italian Alps where he was a dairy farmer and grape grower. His son was also a grape grower, a tradition Nonini continues.

While working as an export commodity trader with a Fortune 500 company, Nonini often traveled the Pacific Rim. On one of her trips to Australia and New Zealand, she learned about Biodynamic agriculture; she was so impressed with the food grown using this method and people she met that she decided she wanted to farm Biodynamically. In 1990, Nonini set up her own company and started her transition to farming. Gena Nonini often teaches younger farmers about Biodynamics, helping to ensure that the next generation learns about this very sustainable, ecological method.